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Baystate Office Solutions Baystate Office Solutions provides clients with an off-site backup solution. More and more companies are relying on digital storage mediums to safeguard their files. While we encourage the use of digital storage with it comes the responsibility to duplicate the data to ensure you don’t lose it.

You can rely on Baystate Office Solutions to provide you with the best remote backup on the market. We help you be compliant, we help you be secure, and we can help you get that data back fast when you need it!

We’ve taken time to determine what features are available from all the highest rated software vendors. What we’ve found is that most backup companies offer small differences in their software. We also see how the consumer versions of these softwares are stripped down and some do not provide the basic or necessary features that one would want.

Please be aware however this service is NOT a disaster recovery service.  It is merely remote storage for critical data.  You can push images of your computer to your remote storage, but you will not be able to restore your computer’s operating system or applications through the use of our remote backup service.

Please see below for a list of the major features we believe you will be interested in:


  • Many remote (off-site) backup companies will remove your files from their servers if you accidentally delete a file from your computer. Some companies will keep a file for 30 days, 45 days, a specific amount of time, or an unlimited amount of time.
  • Depending on what you need please be cautious of this because you don’t want to accidentally delete a file and think that because you have an off-site backup that it will automatically be there!

Physical Upload / Physical Restore

  • Many remote (off-site) backup companies DO NOT ALLOW you to retrieve your data in a physical format. You MUST download your data from them over the Internet. This can be a huge problem if you have massive amounts of data and expect it to be available immediately!
  • We offer solutions that allow you to retrieve your data on DVD.
  • Some companies also offer a physical storage upload, meaning they send you an external hard drive and you copy your data to it and send it back. Instead of you uploading your data over a period of many days!

Local Backups

  • Many remote (off-site) backup companies DO NOT ALLOW you to use their software to backup to a local device (external hard drive, internal hard drive, flash drive, etc…) Be aware of this!
  • A local backup copy is very useful for restoring large amounts of data in a small amount of time, however it can be destroyed along with your computers through an act of God, lightning, storms, etc…
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