Data Recovery

Baystate Office Solutions can help recover lost data from your computer. We use industry standard tools and techniques to get your critical data back.

You can help us by identifying critical data locations or types of data that needs to be recovered. This could include photos, documents, music, and anything else. Please be as specific as possible when telling us what to look for.

If we cannot get to your data we can send your hard drive to a professional data recovery company. There is a premium cost associated with this and we only recommend it if you have critical data that needs to be recovered.

If you are experiencing data loss please shut the computer down immediately!
Do not power it on until it has been looked at.
In House
In House Bring your computer to Baystate and have us attempt data recovery in our office!
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On Site
On Site Baystate will come to your house or business and attempt data recovery while you relax!
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