Computer Tune Up

Baystate Office Solutions will clean your machine with industry standard best practices. Take advantage of our over 50 years of combined industry experience! Baystate has honed our skills over many years to efficiently bring your computer back to an optimized state. We won’t install programs that slow your machine down like other companies. We won’t force products on to your computer in an attempt to make more money.

We will go through your computer to identify any potential hardware problems, and if any exist we will let you know about them. We attempt to identify any problematic software or issues with software you currently have installed. We’ll clean-up your start up programs, check environmental health (temperature), and look for any failures that your computer has reported.

Once you purchase this product we will contact you to schedule a time to perform the cleaning. You will also be able to download a small file that will allow Baystate to remotely control your computer. You have full control at all times of your computer and can end the session at any time. We cannot connect to your computer without you first generating a code and giving this code to us over the phone.

We only support the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows XP

Unlike most optimization services that utilize a single one-size-fits-all solution, with Baystate’s Computer Clean Up you will receive a service tailored to your personal computer.

Remote Have Baystate remotely Tune Up your computer without leaving your comfy chair!
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In House
In House Bring your computer to Baystate and have us perform the Tune Up in our office!
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On Site
On Site Baystate will come to your house or business and Tune Up your computer while you relax!
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